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  • ChildCare makes life easier for the agencies in managing multiple clients and multiple caregivers. Try our solution to expand your services without worrying on managing them and compromising the quality.

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ChildCare is a system designed to manage the child care home services. When parents find it so difficult in managing their career commitments and parental concerns for their infant children, they need our solution. We offer a platform to meet the perfect mate for your child while you are at work. Also, the platform works as a bulletin board for the trained child care professionals to promote their services. Apart from this the agencies are provided with functionalities to manage, schedule, track the professionals. They can also provide better service and comfort to the clients by notifications through our system on even the minutest daily routines the professional is performing at time to time basis. It keeps track of the routines to be followed by the professional in various aspects including food, medication and gaming activities.ChildCare works as a shared three tired platform between the parents, agency and the professionals and their communication, attendance and process management through the billing process.

Our Features

There are 10 child care features

Clients can register as a user into the system, adding their contact details and the care requirements. They can also update the patient conditions. This enable the caregivers to apply for the jobs of their convenience, location, expertise etc.

Caregivers can also register into the system as professionals with full details of their expertise and experience. Clients are given the facility to review and rate the caregiver according to their services.

They can also update their assignments and the schedule. This provides their available timings to the searching clients. They can take multiple assignments to fill their free times and the scheduler helps them in managing the timings.

Clients can record the routines, instructions and schedule for the care needed. The routine activities can include food specifications and time, medication dosage and timings, daily chores, gaming activities etc.

Timely notifications are supported for the routine status. This enable the clients to track the activities and interfere if needed. The system provides the facility to chat between clients and the caregiver, even based on any notifications.

Search from the available list of caregivers referring to their expertise and experience. They can search based on the location of the caregiver too. Their previous reviews and ratings can also be considered while considering their services.

Clients can also select the caregivers according to the available timings, referring to the existing schedule of the caregivers.

The attendances are marked through their clock in clock out timings. Clients can avail a detailed report on their days and hours of work. Bills are generated automatically based on this schedule and attendance.

Can opt for more than one caregivers according to the availability. This also help the clients to keep a list of stand-by caregivers. They can keep a list of suitable caregivers, who can be easily replaced if the regular caregiver had to skip temporarily or permanently.

Can support multiple clients and caregivers for a single child. Notifies and gets inputs from multiple clients who wants to provide the home care for the child. Tracks multiple caregivers assigned to the same child too. So both the parents can be part of the same process.

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Benefits of client, Caregiver and agent

Benefits For The Clients

  • Identifying the perfect care givers from the list, referring their profile.
  • Finding the care giver according to the available timings mentioned and cost.
  • Option to shuffle between favorite caregivers, according to their availability.
  • Can track real time attendance, clock in-out timings and routines.
  • Detailed and customized reports and billing for each caregiver.
  • Total control and satisfaction on their care concerns and plans.

Agent Benefits

  • The attendance, costing and care management are fully tracked and automated.
  • Avoids unnecessary conflicts on any aspect between the clients and care givers.
  • Provides 360 degree accountability for the entire process of caregiving.

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