January 28, 2019

Creating More Effective Email Campaigns Made Simple

Are your sales emails going unopened? Are they getting lost in your client’s slush pile? Do your clients view them as useless spam? If your email campaigns produce lackluster results, it’s time to change your tactics.

With some simple tweaks and clever email optimization, you can create stellar campaigns that produce real results. Simple hacks, like using an emoji in the subject line, can boost your open rate by as much as 45%.

Simple email optimization can significantly improve the success of campaigns. Want to learn how? 99 Firms researched the top tactics used by industry professionals. They created the infographic below based on the results of that research.

Creating More Effective Email Campaigns Made SimpleIt makes for extremely interesting reading, but it’s more than just basic statistics. There are many actionable tips that can help you turn your marketing campaigns around. And, as you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn, these are ideas that are easy to implement. It’s going to involve a little more effort on your part, but the results are going to be worthwhile. The advice centers on getting to know your clients a bit better. It’s something that you should be doing anyway, but it is something that a lot of businesses fail to prioritize. It seems these days that it’s all important to get people to subscribe to the email list, which is good, but what is the point of having a subscriber base of thousands if no one opens your emails? It’s easy to send out a quick email to everyone on the list, but that tactic could be costing you, clients. As you will see from the infographic, it is far better to send targeted emails. What else can you learn from the infographic? You’ll have to read it to find out. Do you need a website for your business? Contact us for a Free Quote!

Guest Post By: Oleh Koropenko, Community Manager, 99firms, email:

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