January 22, 2019

Elderly Care In Dubai

Elderly Care In Dubai-Why You Need a Home Care?

Dubai is the highly industrialized city in the entire GCC region. The city provides a livelihood for millions of immigrants and expatriates through its business establishments. It has also become the regional hub of the multinational companies for their business activities. People from around the globe flow in for building their life from the high-income employment and businesses. This made the life in the city significantly mechanical and job oriented. Most of the people not able to support the family needs as a member due to their highly engaging job profile. This, in turn, makes the life of their dependents worse. Hence the necessity for caregivers or home care service grew by each day. Particularly for elderly care in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Elderly care in DubaiThe Dubai Health Authority has taken several initiatives with the support of the leading hospitals in and around the region for supporting the health care services for the elderly people. They have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Swiss Business Council to promote integrated elderly care in Dubai. They also have a provision for home visits for the geriatrics, disabled patients, widows etc. Still, the necessity of a full-time home health care support for them in the absence of their relatives continues to be high on demand.
The need for a home care nurse arises due to several reasons for the elderly people. It can be categorized based on the causes:
1. Old age care – elderly care for relatives who are really old and find it difficult to live their own life independently. They may need support even in their daily routines like taking bath and dressing, may need help for their mobility inside the house, preparation and consuming food, may have lifestyle diseases which needs proper diets and regular medications. Home nursing along with some comforting care is required for them and the relatives for better customer service.
2. Post-hospitalization care – this can happen for even younger patients. The nursing staff should possess more professional skills than that of the other categories. They may come in handy in medication administration, surgical dressing and injections too, apart from normal home care. They may need to assist the patients for the hospital revisits too.
3. Respite care – normally needed at times when the relatives of the patient move out of town on vacation or job for a short time. This is where the patient is taken care of by the relatives usually. But when they get engaged in another task and leave the patient behind, they can appoint a nurse staff. The duration will be only till the caring relative returns. The skill set for this staff can be easily figured out by the relative who was taking care of the patient in the normal course.
4. Palliative care – necessary for the patients suffering from incurable diseases. The aim is to provide maximum comfort from the symptoms and sufferings of the disease. The home nurse needs to discharge their duties with utmost care and compassion to elevate the quality of life of the patient alleviating the pain and repercussions of the disease as well as the treatments.
The elderly care must be planned and executed for the benefit of the patient with compassion and empathy. It is also meant for the relatives of the elderly patients who find it difficult to look after their elders in the way it is expected to be. The reasons for the difficulty can be due to various aspects as discussed above. It can range from their lack of time, other commitments etc. Also, it can be due to their lack of knowledge and skills required. They will also be keen on patient safety and comfort. Customer care targeted in this profession is two dimensional – the wellness and comfort of the patient and also the satisfaction and peace of mind of the relatives.
In cities those have totally mechanized lifestyle like Dubai, availability of proper and professional home care has become the need of the hour. Even though the authorities are keen on providing the most advanced health care for its occupants, the privacy and comfort of the home provide better dignity and kindness to the patients. It helps the patient’s day to day activities been tracked accurately and improves their daily living in a long term. The whole process needs to be designed with a more holistic approach. Looking for a Caretaker for your loved one’s speedy recovery from chronic illness? we will help you to find the best home healthcare services to know more visit Parent Care 

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