August 21, 2020

How To Increase Productivity Through Process Automation

The scope of process automation is increasing by the day due to the increasing technology in this world. Process automation is the automatic performance for a task that is to be accomplished with the help of technologies.

For example, if you write the emails manually each time, it takes 30 seconds for each signature, which means you need about 25 minutes a day to write the signatures for 50 minutes. Now, think of the automatic generation from the setting that writes the signature automatically.

This article discusses some ways to increase process automation that would increase creativity and time.

Advantages of process automation

Although there are several advantages of process automation because it uses modern tactics and technologies, some of the advantages are listed below:

Cost-efficient: Every company and every individual requires cost reduction in their company and this is one of the great advantages of process automation. You only need a few tools necessary for automation, otherwise you do not need additional employees to perform tasks. However, this fact is not good for people in terms of employment.

High productivity: When you spend less time and money on a project, productivity increases, while efficiency increases when you work without errors. However, process automation increases creativity, as you have more time and costs that you save on other projects.

Trustworthiness: There is a chance of error in human work Human errors, but process automation eliminates all these errors to increase its reliability. Even small tasks are accompanied by errors, but automation eliminates all these errors.

Time Efficient: Using the email example above, you can estimate how time-efficient automation is. Shortcut tactics speed up your process by requiring less manual work, which not only saves time and effort but also makes your work smooth and efficient.

Measurable: Tracking is very important for the growth and value of the company. Process automation is easy to measure and measurements are also very easy through process automation. For example, if you start counting the emails you have sent in an entire month, it will take you hours, but the same process is possible through automated processes within seconds.

Tools that help with process automation

Numerous tools, especially in the field of technology, that would help in process automation. The following are some of the processes that are automated to produce efficiency:

    • Google services

      There was a time when Google was just a search engine, but now it is not limited. Google has different products that benefit the user in different areas. Thus, Google Docs and spreadsheets are often used by different peoples.Instead of typing a document and then attaching it to the email to send it to another person, Google Docs introduced a document sharing feature that lets you easily write the documents that are automatically shared with your colleagues or whoever you are. Not only that, but you can also work on the same document at the same time, where you can track all the actions.

    • Trello 50

      Trello is a task management system that is used to assign and track tasks for multiple races. You can create the board with personalized settings and assign the task to users logged on to the board. You can add titles, descriptions, images, video, checklist, tagging, URL, and many other things.Once you have added the detail, you can assign the task to specific people, and you can also set the time limit. Once the task is complete, the user appends the file to publish it as summarized. If the same work has been done manually, you must remember the name of the members and their tasks.

    • Reply app

      In business, there are a lot of emails for requests or feedback, but if you start to answer them yourself, it would take some time. However, there are tools with the functions of auto-reply and it sends multiple emails with just one click.

      For example, if you want to send a newsletter to the followers of your website, all you have to do is upload the contacts table and send it to the tool, which automatically sends them emails. In this way, you can respond to your customers quickly and effortlessly.


    • Plagiarism checkers

      Plagiarism checkers are the duplicate content detectors that help you save your time for finding similarities. If the plagiarism is discovered on your website, there is a chance that Google or the original website owner will penalize.51
      Plagiarism checker with percentage that compares your content with other content on the Internet. Now it is difficult to compare the content manually as this seems impossible, but due to the online plagiarism tools, the process only takes seconds.

    • Contact Out

      This is a challenging tool that extracts contact information such as email addresses and phone numbers from the Business Leads Profile. Many business people use this tool to maintain their business intelligence.However, this tool is advantageous as it increases the volume and accuracy of personal information. Contact Out has a Chrome extension that helps for quick contact. For example, if you visit a professional profile of LinkedIn, where you also want to get the contact information about a specific person, you can simply click on the extension to find their emails and phone numbers.

      For marketing people, this extension is very beneficial because they need email to get in touch, and through this tool, they would not have to go to the website to find the contact.


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