December 16, 2017

Inbound Marketing:The Importance Of The Website

Inbound Marketing

The Importance Of The Website In Inbound Marketing, We already know that nowadays, every company must be in the network, since more than 80% of Americans carry out their daily actions through the Internet, such as banking transactions, purchases, leisure, and entertainment.
But it is not enough to have a web page, to which we pay little attention or that is not subject to the marketing strategy of the company. If so, it is as if we were not directly online.
For this, the first thing we must do is to be clear about what function we want our website to fulfill. It will not be the same a web of a B2B company (that sells to companies) that B2C (that sells to final consumers) and neither the same marketing strategy.

Inbound MarketingOnce we have clear what we want to sell and who we want to do it, it is time to design our Inbound Marketing strategy, to which we will adapt the design of our site so that it fulfills its functions and stands out from the competition.
The first thing that we must establish in our Inbound strategy is a good segmentation of the target audience, that is, define the buyer person to whom our products or services are directed. In this way, we will know how to give the necessary guidelines to design an attractive and functional website that draws the attention of our user and facilitates the work when it comes to finding what you are looking for.
The next step in our strategy will be to define our buyer journey and our conversion funnel, which will guide the user through the contents of our website, driving it through all the stages, making his experience satisfactory so that he can buy our products again or services and even become a promoter of our brand.

Inbound Marketing

1. Attract
As we can see, the first phase of the conversion funnel is to attract the weird user with the aim of turning it into a visitor.
For this, it is necessary that our website has a blog. In this blog, we will use the keywords to write SEO content, so that users who seek a solution to their problems or an answer to their questions, come to us.
A blog is necessary to attract and increase the traffic of a website, because thanks to the positioning in search engines and the supply of quality content, users will reach our website through the blog.
2. Convert
Once we have managed to increase the number of visitors, it is necessary to convert them into leads, or potential customers, and we will continue to do so through the design and content of our website.
This is possible thanks to calling to action, which should be integrated into the articles and sections of your site that are aimed at attracting customers. These calls to action offer the visitor additional content in order to capture their attention and solve their doubts about our products or services.
3. Close
The third phase of this funnel is the closing of the sale, in which the leads that we have achieved thanks to our Inbound strategy will become customers.
To do this, the design and usability of our website play a very important role: they must drive the user so that he finds all the necessary information to contract our services.
4. Loyalty
Finally, the fact of transforming the client into the promoter of our brand has really been done during the previous process, offering a pleasant experience during the purchase.
Even so, we must continue to monitor your comments, opinions, questions or complaints and resolve them as soon as possible, offering a good after-sales service that will make the client satisfied with our work, recommending it to his circle of contacts and on social networks.
Once we have defined our Inbound Marketing strategy, it is time to design our website.
As we said before, we must adapt our website to our type of company, so if we sell products online we will have to develop an attractive e-commerce, or if we want to show our product we will have to develop a website in which we show what we sell in a very visual.
Here are some examples of different web pages that have adapted their design to their marketing strategy, achieving the objectives that have been proposed from the beginning:
Product exhibition website
In this web, the predominant design is in which the user is shown the product or service offered by our company.
For this, good photographs with high quality are essential. You can enter videos or drawings related to our company and give the information that the user needs, without spreading too much or falling short.
A website that exposes your product should offer a pleasant user experience, making it easy to tour the web and the actions that the visitor must develop to contract their services or buy their product.
Web for B2B companies
A website for b2b companies should be focused on potential customers who buy the products or contract the services to sell them to their own clients.
These websites must contain detailed information necessary for the customer to know our products as technical files, detailed descriptions, useful information and a catalog to download, which will allow us to turn this visitor into a lead.
B2C Web – Ecommerce
B2C companies oriented to the sale of their product to the final customer should focus their attention on capturing users and selling their products.
An example of this type of web is an e-commerce, in which a design that shows the products that are sold to the public without distractions is important. Photographs in good quality, detailed descriptions of the products, eye-catching buttons to “buy” or “add to the basket” … all these elements of a good design, combined with the ease of purchase and the security of entering your personal data, will make the user has a pleasant shopping experience and visit us again on future occasions.
As we explained in this article, highlighting the competition on the internet is not an easy task, but we can achieve it with the combination of a good web design adapted to a well defined inbound marketing strategy.

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