Here are few of our products that let our customer stand out in the crowd

Parent Care

A fully automated solution to manage elderly care at home. With client, caregiver and admin logins, it tracks the patient routine requirements, client notification, caregiver scheduling, and routine tracking to generate reports for admin and support billing.

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Child Care

Designed for child care business, it allows the admin to provide notifications and reports for the clients on their children routines provided at home by the caregiver.

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School Management System

School Management System for the institutes to track their administration and management process, through systematic and efficient work allocation.

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College Management System

Hassle free administration of educational institutions using our College Management System through efficiently tracked and distributed activities.

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Travel ERP

A highly customizable, multi-level ERP solution for travel and tours companies connecting their departments and tracking their processes.

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Dental Clinic Management System

A clinic automation system with utility logins for patients, doctors, pharmacy and administration.

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