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December 16, 2017

The Importance Of a Responsive Website

A responsive website is one which contains a dynamic layout that can reflow based on the user’s screen sizes providing an enjoyable user experience. If any website is viewed properly with different screen sizes for different devices, then it is called a responsive website. A responsive site will display its best to present a user experience best suited for the user’s device. The contents present in a responsive website will adjust to fit the screen dimension of the user’s browsing device. A responsive website responds well to the users, the devices being used and provide an appropriate and usable representation of website the users can truly use.

Responsive WebsiteThe website designers focus on the coding being used making it work on any device. A responsive website is a must for any business as it helps in digital marketing and growing leads. If the website is properly designed it will offer ease of reading and navigation to the users. It also provides faster load times with optimization to work on smaller screens. Normal websites take a lot of time on loading and won’t be user-friendly. A responsive website will contain the same content and functionality as the desktop version, but the content and features are rearranged for different devices. In other words, the content adjusts automatically to the available screen making it easy to use. A normal website is just a page or collection of pages with a unique web address.

It is very important to have a responsive website as no user will prefer to invest his/her time to open a system just for browsing a website. A responsive site plays a major role in improving the usability of the product. A normal website, when viewed on small devices, looks like a replica of the actual site and it would be difficult to read or use. A responsive site responds or adapts depending upon the layout of the device providing the best user experience regardless of what device is being used. HTML and CSS are used for responsive website design for having a good viewing experience. Normal websites are not really user-friendly and it just serves the purpose of having a web presence. The problem with a normal website is that it does not respond well to the users when accessed from a mobile or other small devices. It is essential to make a responsive website optimized for mobile as Google is now prioritizing mobile-friendly websites in its search results algorithm. There are chances of losing page ranking for your website if it is not built with responsive web design. Building a responsive site is a right decision to find new customers. Sometimes while using a normal website the users find it frustrating or difficult to pinch or zoom in order to read the contents and are likely to abandon the site whereas a responsive site is a unified site and it has the flexibility to adapt automatically making it user-friendly.

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