Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is a methodology of techniques, strategies and approaches used to boom the quantity of website visitors to a website with the aid of obtaining a high-ranking placement inside the search results page of a search engine (SERP) inclusive of Google, Bing, Yahoo and different search engines. As a Digital Marketing approach, search engine marketing considers how search engines like Google work, what humans search for, the real seek terms or keywords typed into search engines and which search engines like Google and yahoo are favored with the aid of their centered target audience/market.

Ksoft Technologies gets you most exposure for your Business through our SEO and SMM services

We prefer to be involved in and with our client’s websites from concept stage. However, in case you have already got a website, our search engine optimization services start with a one-time audit of your website and a look at of your competitor’s SEO. Once this is completed, our SEO services are broadly divided into two:


On-page SEO services

On-page SEO involves making changes and refinements to your website’s architecture, programming, design, content, presentation and structure. It includes fixing problems that could prevent search engines from properly accessing, indexing and ranking your site in search results. Depending on the content of a website (and its relevance), our On-page SEO services can also include adding unique and search engine friendly content to your site. As a professional Web development and SEO services company, Ksoft Technologies is geared to offer an end to end On-page SEO services to small and growing businesses worldwide.

Off-page SEO services

It is not enough to have a good design, architecture and content on your website. It is equally important to get links from other high quality sites. Ksofttechnologies Off-page SEO services ensure that your website’s link development is focused and generates quality links from relevant and quality websites.

Our Off-page SEO or link building services include free and paid directory submissions, press release syndication, participation in relevant communities, syndication of articles and other digital media, social bookmarking and more.


While standard Search Engine Optimization (SEO) packages may be suitable for some businesses, ksoft also understand that SEO is not an easily “packaged” service. Each website can have its own needs, each market has its own dynamics, clients are geared differently and have unique requirements, and the level of competition in your domain may necessitate a deviation from standard SEO services. Ksoft Technologies are open to customizing our services to meet your business needs.