August 22, 2022

Software for the Company Secretary and the Benefits

The complex and challenging role of the Company Secretary needs robust support. company secretarial software, customised by Ksoft Technologies, not only makes Company Secretaries more efficient, but it enables them to work with the board to improve its performance in every respect.

1. Company Secretary: A Complex Role With Vast


As board members must realise when they participate in choosing a new Company Secretary. Not only must the Company Secretary ensure compliance with all governance rules and legal obligations related to the work of the board and for the company as a whole, but their responsibilities also include:

●  Setting board agendas, and tracking board member locations to ensure contact;
●  Ensuring compliance with all statutory filings;
●  Filing of resolutions adopted at Annual General Meetings/new Articles of Association and any other filings
     required to be made with Companies House;
●  Overseeing implementation of any changes in the corporate Memorandum, and the structure of the company’s loan
●  Communicating with management and shareholders;
●  Managing board assessments and board evaluations; and
●  Managing board composition and the appointment of new directors managing entities and subsidiaries.

2. Software for Company Secretaries and the Importance


With all of these challenges, the Company Secretary should be easily able to justify the importance of Company Secretary software.

1. Saving time: Scheduling all compliance updates, resolution filings, etc.

Customised Company Secretarial software by Ksoft Technologies for you, permits automating the largest part of the Company Secretary’s workflow requirements: This ensures that when directors consult these materials, they are up to date. All communications regarding the processes can be logged into the portal and updated in real time.

2. Accelerating briefings: Maintaining a library of materials managed by the Company Secretary

Company Secretary software enables maintenance of a vast library of materials related to ongoing board of directors’ operations. Whether it be governance rules that need to be understood, or changes in the market that the company serves, all of this new data can be placed where directors can access it at any time, from anywhere.

The Company Secretary can use the software to get board documents to all board members, notify them of meetings, update their agendas, set agendas for board meetings and receive comments on the agenda from directors, make changes in strategic plans or submit them for discussion among members, among other things.

3. Assuring rapid and secure board communication


Company Secretary software, provides the means for board members to communicate among themselves, and with the Company Secretary, as well as with management. This communication application should be entirely secure. It must be protected by the highest levels of threat protection and encryption. With this safe and rapid means of communicating, directors may use whatever devices they wish, and whatever means they prefer: e.g., calls, chat,
messaging, email.

In this way, it is possible for board members to discuss issues amongst themselves, or with the Company Secretary, the CEO or whomever they like. It is also possible to limit access of these communications to specific groups of directors.

Learn about the importance of using secure communications technology in the board room

All of this makes it easy to hold confidential and sensitive discussions. Using Company Secretarial software, discussions can be kept completely private, and so a level of frankness and honesty can be reached that otherwise would not be possible.

Improving the quality of board evaluations is critical for directors, as the pressure to improve
performance is great. This helps a Company Secretary resolve a major issue for the chairman
and the board as a whole.

Company can work faster and achieve far better results !

Company Secretarial Software From Ksoft


The customised software, enables organisations to achieve best-in-class governance, is an ecosystem of software tools that digitises the various activities and tasks for the company.

As organisations grow more complex and regulations more stringent, the scope of governance responsibilities evolves. The Governance Cloud allows boards of directors to meet the demands in the boardroom and beyond with the ability to select the products they need that help them perform their best and work.

There are more into this platform and can be done successfully by customising the platform as per your requirements and agendas.

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