difference between static and dynamic website
December 16, 2017

Difference Between Static And Dynamic Website

In the development of a web project, we can publish a static and dynamic website. What are the differences between each one? A dynamic website is the one in which the information contained in the website changes.
It can contain client-side scripting or server-side scripting or a combination of both. If it is a website we can interact with then it is a dynamic website. In a dynamic website, an addition of new content or changes in the site can easily be done. Dynamic websites are easier to maintain than static websites.
A static website is built on a very limited budget with a fixed number and format of the web page. In a static website, the information contained does not change and it remains static for all viewers of the site. Many smaller companies use static website, as they are easier to develop and it serves the presence of getting a web presence. In the static website, the content on the site can get stagnant and it requires a web developer to make changes or update the site.

Static And Dynamic Website

Dynamic websites are considered to be much more functional and easier to update.
One of the main advantages of the dynamic website is that it keeps the website contents live and not stagnant. The addition of new contents or information brings visitors back to the site and keeps it active. In a dynamic site, the content constantly or regularly changes based on visitors, timing, and other parameters. Whereas in a static website it remains constant.
Basically, no programming languages are required to make a static website and there are no blog posts or interactivity. In case if any changes are required in a static web page, it demands a website developer to make changes in the website as they are made of certainly fixed codes. So if we need to set up a website just to give an information without any updates, then building a static website would be easier and effective. Dynamic sites are much more complicated to build than static sites.
Static websites are quicker in loading and browsing, unlike dynamic websites.
Most people prefer dynamic websites as it makes data management very efficient and enables the addition of information in the future. The cost of building a dynamic website is more as it requires more complex coding compared to a static website. A static website includes just hyperlinks and fixed navigations. If there is a change required in the layout or if anything extra has to be added to the navigation, then each and every single page has to be worked on. Whereas, in a dynamic site we just have to update a template file. A dynamic website is just the opposite of a static website, here big and highly functionalities can be used which are easy to update. Dynamic sites are quickly convertible to a responsive site with excellent navigation.
Thus the two simply serve different purposes.

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