December 16, 2017

Web Design Trends

Learn the best Web Design Trends for 2017, In today’s digital medium, web designing is subject to shift with advancements in technology. As trends and tools for web design and development are changing every day, it is necessary to make new updations. There have been many advancements in technology compared to the last few years, which includes the mobile usage overtaking desktop browsing.

Web Design TrendsWith the advancement in browser technology, most of the websites are moving from static images to new ways, like animations to attract users in communication approach as they say an image says more than thousand words especially the moving ones. Animations can play a major role in making ideas and interfaces easier to understand as motion catches a user’s attention faster than anything else. Animated logos gives a company a good opportunity to enhance their brand further. Slow, detailed and simplified animated effects should only be used as they work well on mobiles.


There has been an increase in the use of bold colors in digital platforms for delivering exceptional experiences to the users. The colors can be used equally with customization and personalization for creating unique experiences for users.

The use of typography on the web has broadened out as a powerful weapon.

Designers are opting for typography believing that it provides the aesthetic effect. Short but focused bold contents are being used on the screen as this helps the visitor get the message at the very first sight. Well, planned typography makes the user’s experience so much richer. CSS grid will add a lot in the coming year, but not exclusively. Having a solid CSS plan as far as how one will tackle the browser from desktop to mobile devices will determine the experience of the end user.

The use of particle background is high on demand as it helps the website load faster, has less distraction and is attractive. With the rise of better graphics displays, the drop shadow is back, providing extra depth and 3D look to specific elements on the website and make them stand out. Correct usage of big and bold lines can visually draw attention to the complementary image.

Geometric themes, specifically polygons and geometric layered shapes have become one of the most distinct website design trends.

The tactile design is another trend which is interesting and makes objects appear real in digital space. It uses highly detailed photography and creates a more realistic look. Some put plenty of texture and gradients to give their websites a more realistic feel. Designers are now focusing on what web design trends or techniques to apply in designing like floating navigation menus, bold typography, inventive use of colors, biometric authentication etc. Its all based on how they affect the experience of the user and the brand as a whole. Many websites have moved from traditional homepage towards more dynamic entry points. Use of an impactful story is one way to create a consistent brand and user experience.

In the coming years, web designing is going to be of great change and transition with huge advancements. Trends change so fast and not all designers can get on the track, it really doesn’t matter how “cool” the website is if it isn’t being found and indexed on page one of the search engines. Incorporating new web design trends or ideas can bring a new, fresh vibe to your website. Need a New Web Site?? Get A Free Quote Now

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